Puppies & a big comfy bed!

I met this girl in the womb. She’s my sister and that’s my brother in law. Oh, yes that makes those cute pups my nieces, Tsubi and Cali.

Unique facts about these doggies:

Tsubi- the white one once stole my Cinnabon off my plate and has to have her stuffed animal in order to fall asleep at night.

Cali- the tan one was born without eyes but she’s so smart you wouldn’t even know it! She loves her cave which is laying under blankets covering her whole body. It makes her feel safe.

While this session was pretty chill that is not always the case! It can’t always be smooth having your pups in photos. Often the clients want to focus on getting their dogs to look at the camera, sit or behave.

Let me worry about that! If they’re not listening, it’s cause they’re so excited and curious. It’s honestly adorable and you’ll love the photographs even more if you let them be their goofy fun selves. (don’t worry, we can get a normal one with them looking at the camera too!)

But let’s ride with it! If they take off running, lets run too. If they jump, jump with them. If they want to kiss you all over your face, let them.

This makes for photographs that are authentic to you and your fur family.
And that’s what I am after. Finding what makes your family unique and capturing that for you to remember forever.

So let’s embrace it and get your dogs/pets in your portraits, because we both know our lives revolve around our fur babies.