Why You CAN Have Beautiful Portraits Almost Anywhere

This is Hannah and Sutton!

Sutton is my brother’s best friend and practically my second brother because I have know him since we were kids. He’s also my personal trainer, Ha!

This couple is seriously so beautiful that I’ve been begging them to do photos for so long!

So we finally booked a date, but we didn’t have a lot of time. So instead of going some place with epic scenery, we did these in Sutton’s backyard.

I knew I wanted to capture the essence of their relationship, and I can do that just about anywhere.

So OF COURSE, I brought them ice cream. They love ice cream, but who doesn’t!? It was also so hot out here in Arizona that I had them get in the pool.

Summer time is a unique and great time to get your photos done. Sure, it can be hotter than hell, but that light! The sunlight is so dreamy and provides amazing tones and warmth. They give photos an extra something that makes them feel alive with all that summertime vibes.

If you can’t travel for your portraits, that’s no worry! We can literally go almost anywhere and I can provide you with beautiful photographs that you’ll love.

Keep cool! <3