Nice To Meet You!

Lacey Bee is actually my nickname & you are welcome to call me that!

I am a digital ( natural light ) Portrait Photographer in Arizona!

First off, I love Jesus.

When I am not snapping photos of all the amazing people I meet, I am working out, reading, traveling, eating ramen, and watching too much Netflix.

I am married to a hottie who I met at church years back, and we have two cats who we adore. Literally we have a song we made up and sing to them as we rock them like babies. We are those people.

Photographing has been a part of my life for ten years and counting. I love the process. I love the people. The places I see. The happiness that my clients feel when they receive their photos. It’s become so much a part of me that I can’t imagine not photographing.

I always aim to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, bring out the true joy and emotion and connection you have with each other, and provide the highest quality of work I can- because I care! I care so much about making art that you will love and want to share with those you love for a lifetime.

What you should know!

  • I am a lifestyle, natural light, portrait photographer.

  • I specialize in couples and families.

  • I am down to travel and hike just to find a place that is inspiring and beautiful!

  • Photography is my way of loving others.

  • I truly care about providing the highest quality and meaningful work for my clients.

  • I am in tune with my client’s emotions, and I take full advantage of our time together so no moment is wasted.

  • My photographs incorporate my artful flare.

  • You won’t get average portraits, but instead be given photographs that are full of life and genuine emotions.

It would be great to connect with you. Find my contact box on my Let’s Connect page and lets go create together!

Featured On

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